Since the onset of the global financial crisis, natural colour diamonds have attracted increased interest from the professional investment community as an alternative asset class that can be used as part of a portfolio diversification strategy.

Amid continued uncertainty in the global financial markets, their portability and price stability have also made natural colour diamonds a smart instrument for Estate Planning purposes as well as a means of wealth preservation.

Prices of rare colour diamonds have increased steadily since records began and this appreciation has accelerated over the past five years; with natural colour diamonds breaking more and more records at global auction houses.


An exploding demand for top quality colour diamonds, particularly in Asia, and a dwindling supply of rough diamonds across the globe point to a continued upward trend in prices into the medium term, with the growth rate of colour diamonds prices projected at 14%-18% per annum in USD terms.
We offer the following products and services to both individual and institutional investors:

  • Colour Diamonds Brokerage
  • Managed Accounts
  • Fund Advisory
  • Private Tenders
  • Sourcing of important diamonds from private collections
  • Valuations
  • Insurance, Storage and Shipping solutions
  • Re-polishing and Repairs

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